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Centennial of broadcasting in Canada

Year 2019-2020 marks the 100th anniversary of broadcasting in Canada. The Musée des ondes Emile Berliner and the Société Québécoise de Collectionneurs de Radios Anciens (SQCRA) have joined their efforts along with various actors of the Montreal area to highlight this event. Our mandate was to support them in the creation of a kiosk with tactile interface which allows to visualize the objects chosen for the temporary exhibition by juxtaposing a context presenting the historical and artistic events but also the various technological developments. There is a Web version of the content put in the kiosk, but the originality of our contribution was to create a mediation tool which synchronizes regularly with the CMS and which can operate autonomously without access to the network.

Project details

  • Ability to synchronize website and kiosk
  • Configuration of a timeline
  • Kiosk that can operate in standalone mode (without Internet access)

Tasks performed

  • Analysis and modeling
  • Design UX/UI
  • Headless CMS with Gatsby
  • Configuring timelines and filters
  • Automatic synchronisation with kiosk


  • Gatsby
  • Design UX/UI
  • Digital signage
  • Touch interface
  • Museum mediation

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Launched: February 27 2020
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