Web Content Management with Drupal

Drupal – to satisfy the developer in you.



  • more architectured
  • large user base
  • good for community features
  • since version 8, based on the Symfony framework


  • originally built for blogs
  • takes longer for a developer to learn (2-3 months)
  • core is rather small, but larger than WordPress
  • problematic with major version changes : modules become incompatible
  • tricky part is to know which modules go well together

Integrations made by Espace Courbe

ICRA 2019Le Simone Bed and BreakfastAwards and Honors Directory at École Polytechnique de MontréalSMQ's Dossiers thématiques (archived).


Drupal technical support

We also provide Drupal technical support for the following sites:

Portail Bio QuébecCARTV's WebsiteCAEQ's WebsiteECPAR's Website.

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